May 17, 2013

My First-Aid-Kit

01- What I carry in my tote bag everyday.
02- A cardholder and a billfold coin which go inside the biggest pouch.
03- Diary from WHSmith for any suddently idea and (obviously) for booked appointments and a pencil case.
04- Sunglasses and their case, my everyday mate, even when it's cloudy.
05- Phone (and my boyfriend in the picture)
06 / 07- Dazed & Confused Magazine, favourite magazine. Just another 'equipment' that never goes out of my first-aid-kit (bag), unless it is to replace it with a new issue.
08- Bottle of water.
09- Cigarette case.

I am one of those people who always go out to buy something they need and end up buying in a lot. If I go out to buy, I don't know, a deodorant, you can be sure I will be back with at least three deodorants.
I found a small collection of monochrome zippers in my stuff which I probably bought when actually I just needed one. And decided to make these little pouches to get rid of unnecessary things and honestly mine, which I used to wear, were so outworn.