May 19, 2013

Kevin Francis Gray

It is kinda impossible to hide myself from sculptures, statues like these ones above. I do try as this kind of work makes me crazy, out of myself, I don't know, it is an unexplainable feeling.
Kevin Francis Gray, a genius, born in Northern Ireland in 1972 but now living and working in London - Oh gosh, a genius is treading the same ground as me and not too far away.
He has been in the global spotlight for a decade now, showing regularly in various countries around the world.
Leather, marble, bronze and fibreglass are the chosen materials Francis Gray is accustomed to work with. No matter the subject he chooses to portray, his sculptures are always dramatic and his models' faces are always covered with masks or veils - "I'll hide it under a blanket lull it to sleep" - as my babe, Bjork says (Hidden Place).