March 25, 2013

WISHLIST - The Body Beyond (BOOK)

Look how my wishlist is short this month, almost empty, I am not a compulsive person - nah, that is not true, everybody has a compulsive side. But today I am gonna just ignore it and think of good things.
The Body Beyond is a book I have been thinking about, about buying or not for a long time. At last, it is pretty expensive - 45 pounds at LN-CC.COM - not as pricey as Yohji Yamamoto - Talking To Myself which is 250 pounds but you know - Oh my god, being a fashion geek is fucking expensive!
As I have said a couple of weeks ago - HERE - I am an admirer, a fan of human body, erotic art as well as I love fashion and this is what The Body Beyond is about - the relationship between the human body and the clothing it adorns.

The Body Beyond - Matthew Stone - HERE