March 23, 2013

Recycling Is More Than Important

Exactly one year, twelve months, three hundreds and sixty five days since I founded Pedro Korshi, that means - three collections, more than fifty pieces of clothing and lots and lots of patchwork were left in a wood box under my sewing machine table. Erm, why? Well, just for the simple fact they can be reused one day. Recycling should be a law and not just an environmental education. We live on the same planet,  money doesn't grown on trees, energy is expensive and we, humans, breathe the same air. Recycling is like a routine since I was born, since I am known as human and reusing the blank side of an used paper will make a big difference to our planet.
Therefore I decided to open a new label/category on the blog - 'Recycling', on which I will be publishing pieces of clothing or some other things I make from patchwork. I am ready to fly up!