March 21, 2013

Pinstriped Trousers And Sporty Touches

Striped flip-flops - Adidas
Pinstriped trousers - C&A
Tee - H&M
Bomber - Pedro Korshi
Clutch - Pedro Korshi
Sunglasses - Camelion via

Yeah! One of my dreams came true! Bought a suit yesterday morning after college but it is not just a suit, it is a pinstriped suit - I've been slightly addicted to stripes / geometric prints though I am not a 'printed-boy'. I can't stop looking in the mirror, dancing in them - in the suit trousers -, come on, it is already spring though it is as cold as winter.
Honestly, classic suits annoy me and I am already thinking of transforming mine into something out of classic suits - adding an elastic there or a cut here would be the solution. Just let me think, ok?