March 19, 2013

PEDRO KORSHI - Short Sleeve Jacket - SS13

I had drawn my spring 2013 collection ages and ages ago. I stopped it and decided to start a new one. I was (and still am) and wanted to be 100% focused on my work, on my autumn collection, I was pretty excited to make my first lookbook ever. Nights and nights sleepless. Three/four months of hard-work. Either I would stop something and start a new 'thing' or my collections would be always backward compared to the other runways.
Anyway, this is just one of five pieces that will be posted this month from SS13 collection . A short sleeve jacket. It is made of gabardine in black and has the same square neck (when buttoned) as the other pieces you have probably seen - HERE.
My mum said it reminds her of either a chef jacket or a vestment - not sure about the short sleeves. But well, that's not a bad idea though.