October 22, 2012

DIY Exaggerated Shoulder Shirt

When it comes to shapes - shoulders and sleeves are my favourites. Exaggerated shoulders is the most obvious DIY project existed so far. But still there are people who don't know how to apply shoulder pads in a shirt or some top-wear.

You will need:
- a pair of shoulder pads -  For this shirt, I've used a large pair of sew-in pads.
- a shirt -  preferably a larger one than you normally wear.
- pins
- thread and needle

1 - Fold the shoulder pad in half lengthways with a pin.
2 - Put the fold against the shoulder seam of the shirt.
3 - Pin the pad to the shirt at each end of the shoulder seam.
4 - Take out the pin which you used to fold the pad, now it's correctly placed.
5 - At one end of the seam, sew a few stitches into the pad through to the fabric - six or seven stitches is enough - then secure the thread before cutting off the tail end.

If you can't find any shoulder pads that make you completely happy with, just follow these instructions HERE.