October 18, 2012

All About Our Body Or Nearly So

1 - Dress by Chalayan - spring / summer 2013
2 - Tabi boots/socks by Prada – spring / summer 2013
3 - Dress by Maison Martin Margiela – spring / summer 2009
4 - Red nail polish print shoes by Celine – spring / summer 2013
5 - Dress by Lanvin – spring / summer 2013
6 - Bra-top by Maison Martin Margiela – spring /summer 2007
7 - Glove bag by Maison Martin Margiela for H&M – autumn / winter 2012-3
8 - Bodice by Yohji Yamamoto – autumn / winter 2006-7

Primarily, I would like to say that particularity I don’t like the female silhouette. If I become a fashion designer one day, sorry, ladies but I will never design anything tight or with the female silhouette. But that means nothing because look at the above pictures, there are several techniques of prints etc. It's like "leather look" - something that looks like but it's not or nearly so.
Fashion has always depended on a corporal idea, incorporated by the physiques of each models of the era - my mum says that today's models are too thin and about twenty years ago they were "healthier". 
"We are changing ... we will change even more with genetic manipulation. The body is obsolete" - Says Orlan.
At Chalayan a dress with body print, just the traditional female body shape, not rigorously detailed like nipples as there were a couple of body print dresses - including nipples and navel - at Lanvin. When I looked at those red nail polish print shoes at Celine I automatically thought of Margiela as well as I though of  when I saw Prada tabi boots/socks, not because of the traditional boots of Margiela are the Japanese inspired ones but, you know...
"Body meets dress, body becomes dress, dress becomes body." - Rei Kawakubo.