April 09, 2012

Frayed Denim

 I know everybody is already wearing denim and everybody already knows how to fray a denim.... but today I decided to do something different.

When I was preparing the baggage to go to Paris in February I found a denim shirt in my wardrobe which I didn't remember that it still existed and then I decided to cut the sleeves off in the middle (as you can see HERE) but I didn't post talking about it because I was expecting a better opportunity and here I am.

As I said, I cut the sleeves off and kept them in my box of fabric; going to the jacket, I took almost every detail off including the cuffs, some bottoms, pockets etc. After that I put the jacket into the washing machine when it was completely dry I hung one of the sleeves onto the jacket sleeve with a pin and with another piece of denim I made a little square and put it onto the pocket.