April 09, 2012

Acne Pre-Fall 2012 Shoes

Sorry for the poor pictures quality.

I am already thinking of what to wear next season, I am definitely sick of this season, I think I've worn/bought everything I wanted.

Thinking of 'what to wear on the feet' is always a big problem for me, because I definitely don't like men's shoes (in fashion), they are always the same thing, nothing is new, nothing is... I don't know, extraordinary therefore my inspirations are always women's footwear, I don't mean I wear heels of something like that, I mean the type of shoes, colours etc.

Acne pre-fall 2012 collection came with some shoes which definitely I would wear or maybe some pointed ones; they are made from patent leather and that is what I'm looking for, some of them without heels which remind me the classic Dr martens and I love the fact that the laces were 'replaced' with elastic (I think).