September 30, 2013

PEDRO KORSHI EXTRA - Exaggerated Shoulder Jacket With Pointed Sleeves

Between a piece and another, I have been working on my spring 2014 collection, no rush and calmly I come up with different ideas of garments I want to wear right now which are not part of the collection I've been working on. I have always been obsessed with maxi silhouettes that could either be exaggerated shoulders or a pair of strong sleeves, a super high collar or voluminous back.
Just made this exaggerated shoulder jacket/blazer a couple of weeks ago, of faux leather which people use to upholster sofas and chairs, and that is how I feel when I am in this boxy jacket - like a sofa. Honestly it is not one of the most comfortable jackets I have ever had as the leather is quite stiff.
I made the decision to not line it and leave the edges completely raw, without hems and buttons because I thought it would be a good idea as the jacket itself is already ... 'shaped'.