April 29, 2013

Michal Mozolewski's Magic Eyes

First of all, I would like to thank Tumblr's users for rebloging good stuffs - not always - till one of Michal's works appear on my laptop screen.
Michal Mozolewski is a digital artist from Poland - I knew we had something in common, half of my family is Polish though I don't speak polish at all. Admittedly it is probably the hardest language in the world even to say pronounce 'hello' in Polish - His work is basically a relationship between photo-manipulation and mixed media work.
Mozolewski's work features dramatic, pornographic, emotional and melancholic situations like a woman hugging herself, another who is apparently distressing, or not, it depends on your point of view and that's what I truly enjoy about it.
PLEASE do check out Mozolewski's full portfolio on his Facebook PAGE. I'm pretty sure the trip is gonna be out of this world.