March 01, 2013

PEDRO KORSHI - Autumn-Winter 2013-4 Collection

Your Love Was Sent To Me And It Is Hidden In That Place.

After several attempts to set a launch date for my autumn/winter collection, several obstacles like British weather that never helps - the pictures were taken outside, my “velocity” at sewing that doesn't follow my anxiety and unexpected things that happen, I could finally shoot and share it with you all today!

The concept of this collection is basically an inspiration taken from 'Hidden place' (song by Bjork) which tells about a supposed love, a relationship between two people in a supposed  hiding place. As a homosexual guy, flirting four/five years ago (when I still was in) was the hardest, the most sentimentally painful thing ever and I felt (and I know lots of people feel) like I was in a mask, I couldn't be who I really was just because of a fear of being rejected by my family and friends although I knew they would never do that.

And also there was an influence by Ryue Nishizawa's work, an Japanese architect. I wanted his buildings and houses to be that hidden place.
Regarding the mannequin used, it is just another homage to Bjork. The idea was to use robots as she did in 'All is full of love' video clip, but as I don't even have enough money to get one... using a mannequin was the way to go.