March 08, 2013

Chris Phillips - Skin Is The Only Necessary Layer

Chris Phillip is a 24-year-old Berlin-based photographer, born in Brazil and creator of the erotic art project Pornceptual, an online gallery for erotic art.
Chris feels like a fashion designer whose garments are the skin of his models, models who are friends of him or who he had never seen before. Ideas come from unexpected things, unexpected moments or what is happing at the moment.
Dramatic and expressive photographs are either taken in a studio or in public places - where there are no people around. Models having sex with a plant, a gay couple's "routine" in their flat, in a kitchen, bloodied models in a bathtub, playing with inks, wrapped in a piece of plastic.
Looking at his (or their, if I am still talking about Chris' project) photographs make you feel excited, amazed or even horny, in the same way some people do when they watch fashion shows, or football match, OR when we eat chocolate; Chris' work makes you masturbate using your eyes, takes you to a faraway place, it is definitely from another world.