December 09, 2012

Sam Santos #2

Sam Santo's tumblr.

As you probably remember I've posted one of Sam Santo's work on Dark-Wings-City a couple of months ago. -here- That 21-year-old student, born in Brazil and who hand-painted and pressed the fabric to give it a leather illusion.
For this last semester Sam came up with an idea less architectural, despite it is always there. "The inspirations of this project came from pictures I collected of spaceships" - says Sam who likes the idea of mixing the modern with old - I'm talking about his photographs which were taken with a Canon A2e film camera. "And the outfit came about not from the form itself but how a girl today would go on a board on its journey and that's how I picture her dressing".
The material used to make the dress is neoprene and to make the hoodie-backpack, denim.