December 20, 2012

GREY Derby Shoes

I've been looking for grey shoes a long time and the only ones that I was interested in were those by Maison M. Margiela in cement effect but unfortunately (as always) they are for women, there are not in my size and also the price which is quite high even with 50% discount now at Again, sometimes I hate having big feet, I never find shoes in my size and I'm pretty sure I am not the only one, there are a lot of boys/men who have difficulty buying cool footwear; the only ones available in stores are always the same, the same style... but don't worry, once my brand grow I will start designing the coolest menswear shoes ever! I swear!
Without many options, I ended up buying these derbies by T&F Slack (via The only thing that I dislike is - the contrast welts in beige, I'm seriously thinking of painting them grey.