November 04, 2012

WISH LIST - Celine Slippers

Pictures -

I know it's still autumn and winter hasn't started yet AND everything I have to think of is - warm clothes, warm and protectors shoes. But at the same time I guess these slippers by Celine are quite wintry even they are from their spring-summer collection - fur and leather covering their footwear. As you already know I was born in Brazil and (also) as you probably know Brazil is a hot country I mean 35 degrees Celsius - sometimes more than that - in summer and even in winter depending on year in which we are able to wear sandals, shorts, lightweight clothes in general and I cannot get used to a country that snows every year (or almost every year) and the average is 0 (zero) degrees Celsius. Perceptibly I am completely addict to sandals, toes-out, made from leather, plastic, rubber, no matter the material, I think my worst suffering during the European cold seasons is the fact that I can't wear sandals unless I want my feet amputated, no, I don't. I love sandals! I want something my feet can breathe!