November 20, 2012


When it comes to frayed things automatically I think of frayed denim maybe because it is what we are used to seeing on people AND when it comes to frayed denim I just ignore it because I do not even like denim.
When the house of Martin Margiela - who is the labelled founder of deconstruction in fashion since 1995 (click HERE to see one of his unfinished pieces) - decides to stop - at least for spring-summer 2013 collection - making unfinished garments, Phoebes Philo at Celine decides to do it, as seen in the two first pictures. Meanwhile Marques Almeida has been fraying his garments since he is known as a designer, usually frayed denim - oh, tired of that! - but for his ss13 collection there were also unfinished knits and sheers! Yeah, things are getting better!

Click HERE to see the Acne frayed top from SS13 collection AND HERE to see one of MMM frayed skirts from AW12-3 collection.