November 11, 2012

HFN - Maison Martin Margiela Autumn - Winter 2007-8

Pictures -

Today I am opening a new label on DARK WINGS CITY which is called "history for now" it is basically about old collections that inspire me now and that I would definitely buy a couple of pieces from it if they were cheaper -50% off - in those shops that sell garments from past collections, like The Outnet  or even vintage stores. This idea comes from Tumblr, as I’ve noticed that the most reblogs are pictures of past collections, something outstanding in fashion. I always spend hours and hours on searching for past collections that interest me. 

I chose the Maison Martin Margiela Autumn - Winter 2007-8 collection to start the new label because as you have noticed it is my favourite brand and also because it the fashion-moment-subject (MMM for H&M) - except Nicolas-Ghesquière-leaving-Balenciaga.
I don't think MMM just makes clothes, I think it makes more than that, it makes the tailoring art. MMM does nothing but at the same time it does everything I mean at first glance we don't see anything special but when we click on the "details" link we see the amazing work, the pure tailoring I mean, MMM never wanted to hide their tailoring, how those pieces were made, they do want to show us the lining, unfinished things, things that we would never image to be there, like socks over shoes, upside-down handbags or even a top based on a mannequin.
Oh yeah! The collection! The highlight of MMM AW07-8 collection is definitely the pushed up/built-up shoulders. Does it make sense now why I chose this collection? I love shoulders, sleeves, the maximalist silhouette. Skirts were put on trousers, black long skirt for evening, leather details like black skirts and turtlenecks and finally my favourite - those wide-leg trousers on an Asian girl - I love Asian people, yes, my great-grandparents are japaneses!

Have an amazing Sunday!