October 15, 2012

They Will Always Be There!

Tees and shirts from H&M, asos, topman and Yves Saint Lauren.

"They'll always be there" – small, medium, large t-shirts; slim, wide trousers... What do they have in common? – the colours I mean the colour table which is monochrome.
Some people say that the most important thing that everyone must have in wardrobe is a pair of jeans, some others say different bags and others a pair of earring. YES! My sister is one of them who says the most important thing is a pair of earrings and when she forgets to put them in she says that she’s feeling completely naked.
I would say my wardrobe must have, at least a black, white and grey t-shirts, a pair of slim fit suit trousers in black and another pair in white. Am I the only person in the world who DOES NOT have a pair of jeans? Am I the only person in the world who never wears jeans?  - Probably one of them. The last time I wore jeans was because of fashion trends – oh! that’s ridiculous! But no problem, it was a great chance to find out that I really don’t like denim.
Today I was cleaning my wardrobe as every three months and I discovered that I've got all types of trousers in – slim, harem, high waist ones… - the only trousers that are missing in my wardrobe are the wide leg ones because I couldn't find any good ones that fit perfectly on me. But let’s try out some wide leg trousers by Margiela for H&M (in exactly one month).