September 08, 2012

PEDRO KORSHI - Wool Collar - AW12-3

I'm feeling that 2013 will be a very religious year in fashion. For Autumn our lovely designers brought us a dark season - as every autumn-winter is. Then according to the "rules" of springs/summers, they have to be cleaner, lighter. After all who likes to wear heavy weight in summer, thirsty degrees on head? I would feel being cooked in a leather jacket. What I'm feeling is - 2013 will be more Christian, specially the spring, still a religious season but slightly different. Doesn't it make sense?
I have no religion so I don't know anything about this "atmosphere" but I find them beautiful and I like to know some of them. It's amazing when people believe in something and before sleeping (or whenever) they have to pray (or whatever). Praying has never been my habit because I never had religion.
Anyway, the inspiration idea of this accessory is a vestment with a "clerical" collar but higher - clerical collar is more nor lees than an item of Christian clerical clothing. It's detachable collar that buttons onto a clergy shirt or rabbat.
My high collar is made from grey wool and features a hidden button at the nape.