September 21, 2012


I have heard people saying that this type of shoes is inspired by camel paw, cow paw etc etc... but, NO, they are completely wrong about that. Tabi boots are nothing more, nothing less than a type of footwear worn in Japan by construction workers, farmers, gardeners etc. One disadvantage of tabi boots is that they provide no actual protection to the foot against falling objects. Now they are being replaced by hard ones in some industries, I mean, steel-toed, rigid soles but many workers still prefer them for the softness of their soles. The workers need to be sure what is under their feet and if they wish, use their feet as an extra pair of hands - Oh, so agile!
This season I decided to honor the Asians somehow; first, I'm a grandson of Japanese and now is the Asian-moment - kimono, tie-belts ... but the only thing I could find that I would wear is the tabi boots, maybe a kimono but I have no kimono in my wardrobe. Oh Prada, coincidently there were so many leather tabi boots at Prada yesterday.
I got mine from Ebay.