July 03, 2012

More Than A Box File, Less Than Two Pounds

Box file - WHSmith
Sunglasses - Quay
Wallet - self-made

I always had a serious problem with school supplies. I love books, notebooks, pens etc. I really do. I remember when I was 7-14 years old and every year I went with my mum to buy school supplies. That wasn't to start a new year or to make new friends, but that excitement was just to buy school supplies. It's like a normal person who is excited to buy new shoes or whatever.
That happens especially when I have nothing to do and with money in pocket (at least 2GBP), but also my addiction is not only to school supplies - buying magazines and visiting charity shops are other solutions to make me feel better.
Anyway. the box file! I love it. It's more than a box file and lees than 2 Pounds. It's my newest 'clutch'. The cheapest things are the most worn.