June 05, 2012

WISHLIST: Mono Burgundy Shoes

I have never worn coloured shoes, except when I was a little kid, I remember when my dad gave me a pair of shoes from Disney (I can't remember of others) with the Mickey's face on them. Dr. Martens brought these burgundy ones (ss12) which remind me of those with croc effect from 2009 collection that I bought last year and it would be a great deal to buy them on sale - GET THEM HERE.
During this week I will be sending modismonet.com "my outfit of the day", I just have to send them some pictures including details and the explanation of it, today I was wearing pink trousers and a purple shirt; I told them that I like monochromatic outfits and when I wear a purple shirt I have to wear purple trousers as well or at least in the same colour tone. I am definitely a monochromatic boy.