June 23, 2012

DIY Platform Sandals

You'll need:
- A pair of flat sandals
- Shoe glue (I used this one HERE)
- Two pairs of rubber flip flips(I used three including the sandals soles - I made them myself) - make sure they line up with your sandals, if not, don't worry, just look for some larger size than you normally wear.
- Scissors
- Heavy books and/or magazines
- (If your flip-flops are larger than your sandals) serrated knife


Step 1 - Remove thongs from flip-flops using strong scissors.
Step 2 - Start with one base layer and carefully squeeze shoe glue on top so that most surface is covered. Place another flip-flop sole on top, lining it up with the toe.
Step 3 - Allow the platforms to dry - Use books e/or magazines e/or weights to apply pressure for 24 hours.
Step 4 - After drying the platforms follow the same instructions to glue the sandals.

If your flip-flop soles are larger than your sandals, use a serrated knife to remove the leftovers.