June 10, 2012

Claudia Ligari Autumn - Winter 2012-3 Collection

Pictures: claudialigari.com | I cut the shoes off because I particularity don't like them.

When I first discovered Claudia's work on Tumblr (yesterday) I was so excited that I had to check out all of her collections so far and definitely the best ones are - Spring-Summer 2012 with plastic/PVC shirts, but not only shirts, also PVC trousers, isn't that the most incredible thing? AND Autumn-Winter 2012-3 with oversized jacket and coats, leather trousers and shorts. The inspiration for her latest collection was a combination of streetwear and sportswear. she has an evident passion for structure and the different types of materials she uses for her works are just incredible!
Claudia graduated at Instituto Marangoni in Italy 2004 but she lives in London now.