May 29, 2012

DIY Mock Leather Neck Collar

All you need is:
-Press studs
Cut out a rectangle measuring your chin to clavicle X around neck; Add some press studs (one is enough or two) following the instructions of the package.

Last week I had an interview and one of the question was "You seem to have quite the affinity for leather. What are some other materials you enjoy creating with? " - of course, I like leather. I really do but I think leather is the most important material/fabric to wear in winter. I know there are other materials we can wear to get warm in winter, my focus could be wool or fur - NO, not because I'm allergic to fur but, luxury is not my forte actually (oh! I love wool) but the thing is - leather is a basic necessity in this season's wardrobe and everybody should have at least a pair of leather trousers (I already have one but I don't actually advice you to buy the same trousers, the quality of them is completely poor), jacket or even a coat (especially when it goes to a military-side). I know leather never goes out of fashion but this season is - head-to-toe.